Catherine is an emerging artist and photographer. Since the early 90’s she has travelled the world to over thirty countries, capturing landscape, places, wildlife and people.
Africa has been Catherine’s main destination over the years. Following her return from climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in 2017, her passion for photography fuelled a series of landscape and wildlife photography.  Catherine brings to her art a wealth of experience. She has previously worked as an interior designer, educator, art curator, national art judge, and is now author of her first photobooks, African Ark: An Apocalypse Now and Southern Edge.
As a wildlife warrior, Catherine grew up with world heritage conservation battles raging in her Tasmanian homeland, from the lost Lake Pedder, to the wild and free Franklin River. Catherine continues to shine a light on what we are in danger of losing in her latest book on Tasmanian wilderness, Southern Edge. It is a stark reminder about the importance of preserving mother earth for future generations…before it is too late.
Catherine runs small group photography tours in Hobart. With a wealth of experience from her previous teaching career, she expertly guides and instructs. Her personalized photo tours are for up to 8 people.
Catherine is also the founder of an Education Scholarship Fund at PROTS College in Tanzania, Africa, for the training of Safari Guides. Profits from her photography go towards this important cause, enabling them to manage the wildlife she so loves photographing on her return visits there.
Contact me for media pack or artist Bio for exhibitions.
“At moments of great enthusiasm it seems to me that no one in the world has ever made something this beautiful and important.”
— M.C.Escher
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