Catherine de Boer is an emerging mosaic artist & photographer. She has worked as a commissioned artist, curator, national art judge and is author of her  photobooks, ‘African Ark’ and 'Southern Edge'. Catherine previously worked as a consultant for the Tasmanian Government, installing artwork into Public Buildings, before moving to Northern Territory, then Melbourne.
In 2020 she moved her art practice to Tasmania, where she now works, with offices in both Hobart and Melbourne.
Masters in Design (Interior Design), University of South Australia
Diploma of Photography & Photo Imaging, Melbourne Polytechnic
Bachelor of Applied Science (Interior Architecture) Charles Darwin University
Bachelor of Education (Arts), University of Tasmania

Recent work, exhibitions and publications
Eight weeks' artist travel: Central Australia
Artist Residency (Tarkine-Bob Brown Foundation)
Group Exhibition, HAEG, Cygnet Town Hall
Exhibition: Inner Space Gallery, Prahran
'Southern Edge', Photobook, Publisher Photobooks Australia
ANL Maritime National Art Prize & Exhibition National Judge 2017-2020
Group Photobook: '24 Hours'
‘African Ark’ Photobook, Publisher Momento Pro
RMIT Foundational School of Art, Architecture & Design, teacher 2015 -2017 & 2019
Curated 'The Emmanueli Collection' Exhibition, Mission to Seafarers, Melbourne.
Group Photobook: 'Under One Sky'
Eight weeks' artist travel: Tanzania, South Africa and Namibia, Eastern Africa
Published: Mandevillian, May 2017, Vol 32, No.1
Creator of ‘A Cellular Journey’, a Murano glass floor mosaic, commissioned by Scotch College
for the ‘Sir Zelman Cowen Building for Science’, Melbourne
Published: Great Scot, ‘A Cellular Journey’, December 2016, Issue 149
Six week travel and artist residency, Italy
Eight week artist travel: Spain and Portugal.
Teacher of Senior Art at Scotch College, St Kevin’s College, Toorak,
Melbourne High School, St Michaels Grammar School.
Curator of the Archangel Art exhibition, Bright Space, St Kilda

Southern Edge, A Vanishing Wilderness, publisher Photobooks Australia, 2021
African Ark, An Apocalypse Now, publisher Momento Pro, Australia 2019
Australian House & Garden, editions: March, 2003, ‘Tropical Delight’, February, 2003, ‘Balmy
Weather’, Collector’s December, 2002, ‘50 Rooms’
De Boer, C.F., ‘Influences in the Design of Interiors for Government House, Darwin’,
Conservational Management Plan, completed as requirement for Master's thesis, 2000
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